What is the SASSA Funeral Policy and Benefits in 2024?

How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits?

The SASSA Funeral Policy in South Africa does not exist as a standalone offering. However, SASSA Grants play a pivotal role in providing essential financial assistance to many individuals. When a SASSA beneficiary passes away, their grant payments cease. In certain cases, families struggling with funeral expenses may qualify to claim the unclaimed grant amount for the month of the beneficiary’s death. This provision aims to alleviate the financial burden during this challenging time of loss.

SASSA Funeral Policy and Other Options

SASSA Unclaimed Benefits

SASSA grant holders have access to different funeral policies, including:

Unclaimed Benefits

If a beneficiary passes away without collecting their grant for the current month, their family might be eligible to claim the unclaimed amount for funeral expenses. This process involves specific documents and eligibility criteria.

Funeral Insurance/Scheme

Some beneficiaries opt for third-party funeral insurance, with deductions authorized from their SASSA grant to contribute towards the policy. This involves choosing and contributing to a separate funeral insurance plan offered by a private insurance company.

Eligibility for SASSA Funeral Benefits

To be eligible for SASSA funeral benefits:

  • Unclaimed benefits can be claimed if a beneficiary passes away without collecting the last month’s grant payment.
  • Only a legal representative or the deceased beneficiary’s next of kin can claim the unclaimed grant amount to cover funeral costs.

Document Requirements

To claim SASSA funeral benefits, you’ll need:

  • Death Certificate of the deceased beneficiary.
  • South African ID Card of the deceased SASSA member.
  • Identity card of the representative or family member applying for the unclaimed grant amount.
  • Receipt or invoice of the total amount spent on funeral expenses.
  • Any other document showing your relationship with the deceased beneficiary.

Application Process for Unclaimed SASSA Funeral Benefits

Follow these steps to apply for unclaimed benefits:

Report the Death

Inform SASSA about the beneficiary’s death by calling the toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11.

Gather Required Documents

Collect all necessary documents mentioned above.

Visit the Nearest SASSA Office

Find and visit your nearest SASSA office during operating hours (8 AM to 4 PM, weekdays).

Submit Documents to the SASSA Representative

Provide all documents to the SASSA representative for verification and processing.

Wait for Payment

SASSA typically processes payments within 24 to 72 hours. Contact the helpline if you don’t receive payment within this timeframe.

SASSA Funeral Policy Amount and Processing Time

SASSA doesn’t offer a traditional funeral policy but provides the unclaimed grant amount of the deceased beneficiary. The payout amount depends on the remaining funds in the beneficiary’s account. Processing times range from 24 to 72 hours, depending on various factors.

FAQs of Sassa Funeral Cover

Only a legal representative or next of kin is eligible to claim unclaimed grant amounts for funeral expenses.

To apply for the SASSA Unclaimed Grant Amount, follow the application process outlined above and submit the required documents to the nearest SASSA office.

To claim SASSA Unclaimed Funeral Benefits, you’ll need the death certificate, ID cards, receipt of funeral expenses, and proof of relationship with the deceased.

The amount that can be claimed through the SASSA Funeral Policy depends on the remaining funds in the beneficiary’s account.

If multiple family members contribute to the funeral expenses, a single invoice showing all expenses must be provided for claims involving multiple contributors.

To inquire about SASSA funeral policy contact details, individuals can reach out to SASSA directly for assistance. They can contact SASSA via phone at 0800 60 10 11 or 012 400 2322 to inquire about funeral policy-related matters, seek information on funeral benefits, or address any queries regarding funeral coverage provided by SASSA. Additionally, individuals can visit their nearest SASSA office for in-person assistance and guidance on funeral benefits and related policies.


While SASSA doesn’t offer a traditional funeral policy, unclaimed grant amounts of deceased beneficiaries can be claimed to cover funeral expenses. Timely reporting of the beneficiary’s death and gathering necessary documents are essential for a smooth application process. Processing times typically range from 24 to 72 hours, providing timely assistance to eligible families in need.