SASSA Status Check Failed Appeal

If you are facing a “SASSA Status Check Failed” problem, especially when awaiting Grant Payments, then it can be annoying for you. Whether it’s due to identity verification issues or technical glitches, understanding the root cause is paramount. Our comprehensive guide unravels the reasons behind these failures and provides a step-by-step process to rectify them swiftly. From identifying typos or incorrect information to addressing incomplete applications, we ensure you navigate through the resolution seamlessly. Stay informed and empowered as we guide you toward resolving SASSA Status Check failures, ensuring timely access to your much-needed grant payments.

Sassa Status Check Failed: Reasons & Solutions

Identity Verification Failed

Encountering an “Identity Verification Failed” status is a common issue that you can face with the SASSA Grant process. Often stemming from typographical errors or incorrect information submission, this setback occurs during the verification process. SASSA typically requests crucial details such as your name, ID card number, phone number, and additional documents depending on the grant type.

Upon submission, SASSA cross-references this data with databases from entities like the Department of Home Affairs and other governmental institutions, as well as banks. However, any inaccuracies in the information you provide, like an incorrect ID card number, can disrupt this verification, resulting in a failed status check.

Solution for Identity Verification Failed

The remedy for this predicament is straightforward. You must update your application through the SASSA portal using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the SASSA web portal via the link.
  2. Input your ID number and the phone number linked to your SASSA application.
  3. Click the “Send SMS” button to receive an OTP on your registered phone number.
  4. Verify the OTP.
  5. Review all the details you initially submitted to SASSA, including your ID, phone, contact, and banking information, displayed on the screen, and pinpoint any errors.
  6. Correct any mistakes by entering the accurate information.
  7. Complete the screening questionnaire with updated responses and resubmit your application details.

Once these steps are completed, SASSA will review your updated application information, leading to approval. It’s important to note that SASSA conducts monthly reviews before approving applications for the respective month, so anticipate a waiting period of up to 30 days for their review process to conclude.

Technical Issues for Sassa Status Check Failed

Technical issues with the SASSA Status Check service can sometimes disrupt the process, leading to failed status checks. These issues may arise from server problems or maintenance activities on the SASSA online system.


To address this, begin by ensuring the accuracy of your application details by logging into the SASSA portal. Once confirmed, wait for 6 to 12 hours and then recheck your application status.

If the issue persists due to a server error, it typically resolves automatically within a few hours. However, if your status still shows as failed, proceed to file an appeal with SASSA for reconsideration of your application. The following steps outline the brief appeal process.

Application Not Yet Processed

If you’ve recently applied for a grant or made changes to your application, your status may show as “Application Not Yet Processed.” This occurs because the system requires time to update and reflect these changes accurately.


The best course of action is to wait patiently for the system to process your application or changes. Typically, updates may take some time to reflect accurately. However, if an extended period passes without any change in status, consider reaching out to SASSA for further assistance or clarification on the status of your application.

Incomplete Application

Another potential cause of a failed SASSA status check is an incomplete application. If you failed to fill out the entire form during the submission process, your application status may have been affected.

Solution for Incomplete Application

If your status check failed due to an incomplete application, the solution remains the same as described above for identity verification failure. Follow the step-by-step guide outlined previously to resolve your incomplete application issue. Ensure to thoroughly review all information before updating your application to prevent further setbacks.

What to do if Sassa Status Failed Despite Correct Information?

If your application details are accurate and you’ve confirmed that your status check failure isn’t due to any technical issues or server errors, your application may have been rejected. In such cases, you’ll need to appeal to SASSA for reconsideration by following these steps:

  1. Visit the government SRD website using the link
  2. Fill out the form with your 13-digit ID card number and phone number.
  3. Click the “send pin” button and verify the OTP (one-time pin) sent to your phone.
  4. Provide all your correct details and attach the necessary reference document.
  5. Submit the form.

By completing these steps, you’ll initiate the appeal process for your SRD R350 grant. It’s important to note that you must file the appeal within 30 days of the rejection. Appeals submitted after this timeframe will not be considered by SASSA.

FAQs for Sassa Status Check Failed

If your SASSA status displays “Identity Verification Failed,” it indicates that SASSA is encountering difficulty matching your information with other government records, such as those from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). This typically occurs due to typing errors in your application or providing incorrect information.

If your SASSA status failed due to an incomplete application, you should revisit your application and ensure that all required fields are properly filled out. Once completed, you can update your application through the SASSA portal to rectify the issue.

If your SASSA status fails due to technical errors, such as server issues or internet connectivity problems, first verify the accuracy of your application details on the SASSA portal. If the problem persists, wait for 6 to 12 hours and recheck your status. If it still shows as failed, consider reaching out to SASSA for further assistance.

Below are the contacts for SASSA:

  1. Call Centre: 0800 60 10 11
  2. SASSA Head Office: 012 400 2322
  3. Email of  SASSA Head Office: [email protected]
  4. Visit SASSA offices nearest to you across the country.

If your application details are accurate but your SASSA status still fails, it may indicate that your application has been rejected. In such cases, you should appeal to SASSA for reconsideration by following the appeal process outlined on the government SRD website. Remember to file your appeal within 30 days of the rejection for it to be considered by SASSA.


The SASSA Status Check service provides crucial updates on grant applications, but various issues like identity verification failures, incomplete applications, technical errors, or delays in processing may lead to a “Sassa Status Check Failed” message. Solutions include updating application details, appealing rejected applications, or waiting for processing. Patience and timely action are key to resolving these issues and ensuring access to much-needed grants.