Sassa Payment Dates for March

So, you are not aware of Sassa Payment Dates and looking for Sassa Payment Dates for March 2024? If so, you are at the right place because below we have shared the complete details for Sassa March Payment Dates. Note the dates to get allowance and if you missed to date to get allowance contact the Sassa Team immediately.

Sassa March Payment Dates

In March 2024, the payment dates for various grants are as follows:

Sassa Payment Dates for March 2024 for Older Persons Grant

Beneficiaries will receive their payment on March 5, 2024, for the Old Age Grant. Other grants linked, such as Grant-in-Aid, will be paid together.

Sassa Payment Dates for March 2024 for Disability Grant

Disability Grant payment is scheduled for March 6, 2024. Other linked grants, like Grant-in-Aid, will also be disbursed together.

Sassa Payment Dates for March 2024 for Child Support Grant

Child Support Grant Recipients, including those for the Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and War Veterans Grant, will receive payments on March 7, 2024.

Sassa Payment Dates for March 2024 for SRD Grant

SRD R350 Grant is scheduled for the last 10 days of March 2024, with the exact date varying. Beneficiaries are advised to check their status. Funds typically appear in the account 2-3 days after processing.

How to Check Sassa Payments?

To ascertain SASSA payments, beneficiaries can follow these steps as outlined in the provided sources:

Check From this website

  • Visit our website to review payment details
  • Input your South African ID number and the phone number used during the application process.
  • Click on the “Check Status Button” and you will see the status

Visit the Official SASSA Website

  • Access the official SASSA website to review payment details and check the status of grants.
  • Input your South African ID number and the phone number used during the application process.
  • Navigate to the grant payments section on the website to ascertain the status of your specific grant, including whether it’s been processed, pending, or requires attention.

USSD Method

  • On your mobile phone, dial the USSD code provided by SASSA. The code may vary depending on your service provider and region.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen and enter your South African ID number when prompted.
  • Confirm and submit: Once you’ve entered your ID number, confirm the details and submit the request.
  • After submitting your request, you will receive a message indicating the status of your SASSA payment. This message will inform you if your payment has been processed, pending, or if any issues need attention.

SMS Notifications

Beneficiaries may receive SMS notifications on their registered mobile numbers regarding payment status. These notifications provide updates on processed payments and any issues requiring attention.

Moya App

The Moya app, a government service delivery platform, enables users to access various government services, including SASSA payment information. Users can download the app on their mobile devices and conveniently login to check their payment status.

Visiting a Local SASSA Office

Beneficiaries can seek personalized assistance or make inquiries by visiting their nearest SASSA office. Trained staff at these offices can provide support, address concerns, and offer guidance on payment-related matters.

Stay Updated

Regularly monitor official announcements on the SASSA website or contact local SASSA offices for the latest information on payment dates and statuses.

By following these procedures and utilizing various SASSA-provided methods, beneficiaries can effectively track their payment statuses and ensure timely receipt of grants.

How to Withdraw Sassa Payments?

Using a SASSA Payment Card

  • ATM Withdrawals: Insert your SASSA card into any South African ATM, enter your PIN, select “Withdrawal,” and collect your cash.
  • POS Purchases: Use your SASSA card for purchases at stores, choose “Cheque” or “Savings,” enter your PIN, and keep the payment slip.
  • Cash Back at Retailers: Ask for extra cash when making purchases, specifying the amount needed along with your purchase total.

Using the SASSA Mobile App

  • Register or Log In: Create an account or log in using your existing credentials.
  • Link Your SASSA Account: Follow the on-screen instructions to link your account.
  • Withdraw Funds: Select the withdrawal option, follow the prompts, and receive a withdrawal reference number for collecting the funds.

Cash Send Services

  • Locate a Participating ATM: Find a nearby ATM from banks like Absa, Standard Bank, or FNB.
  • Initiate a Cash Send Transaction: Choose the “Cash Send” option at the ATM.
  • Receive the Cash Send Voucher: Collect a unique voucher with a reference number for cash collection.

Retail Outlets and Post Office Withdrawals

  • Retail Outlets: Provide your ID and beneficiary details to the cashier for cash withdrawal.
  • Post Office: Show your ID and beneficiary details at the SAPO counter to withdraw funds.

By using these methods, SASSA beneficiaries can withdraw their grant payments conveniently, whether through traditional banking, digital platforms, or retail outlets.


In March, SASSA beneficiaries can anticipate payment dates for various grants. These include the Older Persons Grant on March 5, Disability Grant on March 6, and Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and War Veterans Grant on March 7. Additionally, SRD grant recipients can expect payments during the last 10 days of March, with specific dates varying. It’s advisable for beneficiaries to check their payment status for accurate details.